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January 29, 2017 @ 1:00 pm

(Italy/France, 2016) Directed and photographed by Gianfranco Rosi. With: Pietro Bartolo, Samu- ele Piccolo.

The year’s most devastating – and necessary – documentary looks at the dangerous sea crossing of refugees from Africa, Asia, and the Middle East. Director Gianfranco Rosi spent a year on the small Sicilian island of Lampedusa, a way station for the refugees. He explores both the refugees and the hard-scrabble lives of the islanders through the eyes of an over- whelmed doctor (Pietro Bartolo) and a young boy (Samuele Puccilo). At first, Samuele sees the over-filled wooden boats and the arrival of official rescue vessels without much interest. But as the horrors continue without an end in sight, the boy’s understanding – and our passive complicity – becomes inescapable. 86 min.
“Impressionistic and absorbing…Fire at Sea occupies your consciousness like a nightmare, and yet somehow you don’t want it to end.” – A.O. Scott, NY Times. New York Times Critics Pick

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