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November 1, 2017 @ 7:30 pm

(2017, Turkey). Directed by Ceyda Torun. With Sari, Bengu, Aslan Parcasi, Psikopat, Deniz, Gamsiz, and Duman.

For thousands of years, wild – but not feral – cats have coexisted with humans in the streets of Istanbul. Not feral, because, as Ceyda Torun reveals, the cats are fed, petted, cared for and even mourned by the city’s inhabitants. There is much to love in Kedi, from an orange tabby bringing food from a restaurant owner to her brood of tiny orange kittens, to winding tours of Istanbul from the point of view of seven unique cats. The people we meet each give and gain something different from the cats: a depressed man finds comfort in feeding them, while an artist keeps hope for her country alive by observing the felines’ independence and love of freedom. Don’t miss this highly original film that’s sure to get an Oscar nomination next spring!
“Caring for one another and animals may seem like a small thing, but Torun’s portrait of these cats and the people who love them makes it seem like the most important thing in the world.” – Sheila O’Malley, 79 minutes.

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