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(France, 1955) Director: Jules Dassin. Screenplay by Dassin, based on the book by Auguste Le Breton.
Cast: Jean Servais, Carl Mohner, Jules Dassin, Marie Sabouret.

Heralded as the first French film noir, the Rififi was actually directed by Middletown native Jules Dassin, who took the job in France to escape the excesses of McCarthyism (and ended up winning the Best Director Award at Cannes Film Festival).. When an aging gangster (Jean Servais) is released from a Parisian jail, he joins up with three charming miscreants, (Carl Möhner, Robert Manuel and director Jules Dassin) with trouble on their minds. In this case it is the perfect crime – a jewel heist of an impossibly impenetrable shop on the Rue de Rivoli! The nail-biting 28 minute heist, shot without dialogue, not only inspired countless filmmakers, but supposedly quite a few jewel thieves, as well. Stylish, smart and shot on location in Paris.

“The modern heist movie was invented in Paris in 1954 by Jules Dassin.” – Great Movies, Roger Ebert.

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