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(Germany, 2004) Directed and written by Maren Ade. Cast: Eva Loebau, Daniela Holtz, Jan Neumann, Ilona C. Schulz, Robert Schupp.

Eva Loebau gives a completely fearless performance in a dark comedy about a young teacher whose idealism transforms into isolation and terror. Things start of well as 27-year-old Melanie Proeschle leaves her rural home and boyfriend to teach middle-school in the southwestern German city of Karlsruhe. Melanie’s progressive methods are disliked by her colleagues and taken advantage of by her students. As her social ties devolve into a friendship with a less-than-eager neighbor, Melanie battles both with reality and the increasing delusions of her daily life.
Director Maren Ade – who won the New York Film Critics Circle Award for Best Foreign Language Film for her new film, Toni Erdmann – shot the film in the classrooms of her hometown, where both of her parents were teachers. 81 min.
The Forest For the Trees will be presented in a 35mm film print.

“One of the best movies about the travails of being a teacher…the director and her star make you care for Melanie the way Flaubert makes us care for Emma Bovary.” – Phillip French, The Guardian.

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